About template: Midnight Blue, indigo and Simple- that's are miracle!

template blogger
template blogger
Do you want this simple contempo template? Why don't asked us? This free!
  • A very simple way to blog: easy to use.
  • Original and clean material, i.e: icons are using svg that aren't using font awsome.
  • Faster and SEO. Less JavaScript and CSS style.
  1. Base in Contempo, totally edited and modified
  2. It has cool navigation menus with search button
  3. It has layout version 3
  4. It has sidebar option like classic templates
  5. It does responsive and mobile friendly
  6. It has simple UI
dilihat dari layar mobile
Dari layar mobile

So what news?
New interface, looks different all overals
With a little SEO secret: using this theme will increase blog's visitors significantly.

  1. Custom Navigation and menu with dropdown and search button
  2. Stay responsive and mobile friendly
  3. In moderate light
  4. Clean Material and elements
  5. Faster 
  6. Custom search button, more responsive, more natural.
base in contempo template, redesigned for more greater template!
Contempo re-design has been released into 2 varians:

Visit us:
  • Indigo: using by SBBS Anissa
  • Midnight Blue: using by editblogtema 
Easy to find out visitor.
It easy to custom:
Blogger theme Designer
You still can use Blogger Theme Designer to custom the template
We also re-designed: emporio,  soho and notable.

Any question?

We just make what you need.